Forwarding agents – Logisticians

The PFM solution for Forwarding agents

The PFM solution gives you:

  • the relevant, cost-effective answer to your needs,
  • a tool for cutting your costs.

For you, shipping agents, PFM:

  • Frees up floor space and volumes.
  • Eliminates in-process pallets and flows.
  • Avoids “uncontrolled” disposal of pallets with colleagues.
  • Eliminates the wait for returns.
  • Minimizes administrative and operational workloads.
  • Minimizes financial expenses on the balance sheet.
  • Makes it possible to return and recover pallets far from your bases.

PFM Solutions allows you to solve your pallet problems such as flows with the shipper and blocked invoices, and therefore cut or completely do away with the resulting costs.