How does PFM fit into your Sustainable Development approach?



  • ensures bulk flows of pallets and contributes to reducing your carbon footprint,
  • limits the number of kilometres covered by repositioning the pallets as close as possible,
  • checks quality at each movement, thus improving the condition of the stock,
  • avoids the felling of even more trees by maintaining stock quality,
  • limits waste paper by relying on its information system to dematerialize administrative tasks.

All parts of the pallets are biodegradable.



  • brings together companies whose headquarters and activities are based in your region,
  • represents more than 100,000 jobs through its shareholders and members,
  • creates and maintains jobs that cannot be offshored.


  • PFM’s collaborators are your consumer-customers.
  • PFM and its customers contribute to creating wealth in our region,
  • and contributes, in partnership with its customers, to regional development.