About us

The strength of the network

PFM-Solutions was born under the impulse of major players in the transport and supply chain. Based on their experience, these partners have created a range of services to facilitate the removal and return of pallets under the PALBANK solution. The services operate on a credit-debit and virtual offsetting principle.


PALBANK is the alternative to the traditional system of exchange
and rental of pallets and other load carriers created
while preserving the environment.


Currently, our network has more than 370 service points in France and Benelux and is constantly growing.

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Nos valeurs

Promote cooperation between professionals

A cooperative network of member hauliers.

A balanced relationship between the partners.

Less stress for staff.

Reduction of CO2 emissions

Optimised pallet loads
Fewer trucks on the road
Reduced carbon footprint!

Environmental protection

An innovative alternative in line with the expectations of greener and more sustainable logistics.

Values shared with our teams, through environmentally responsible partnerships (e.g. sponsoring bees).