PALBANK offers an economical and simple solution
for pallet management.

Manage your pallets in 3 steps

your pallets

At one of the 380 PFM service points, throughout France and the Benelux.

RECOVER and/or RETURN your pallets

PALBANK will do this on your behalf, for your customers.

your pallet debts

Pallet debts can be paid virtually between PALBANK members by simple validation.

Your Palbank Advantages:

+ Eliminate outstanding payments and pallet flow.

+ Avoid “dumping” at colleagues’ premises.

+ Eliminate return waiting times.

+ Return or recover your pallets away from your bases.

+ Free up your floor space and volumes.

+ Minimise your administrative and financial burden.


What’s more, it’s subscription and commitment free!

Palbank is a free solution,
with no additional financial burden if not used.

The different services

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