PFM-Solutions: today, there are 2 innovative digital solutions serving Transport and Logistics professionals.

PALBANK is the alternative to the traditional system of exchange and rental of European pallets, while preserving the environment.

A mutualised powerfull solution : the strength of a network of transport professionals accessible to all supply chain actors: hauliers, manufacturers, logistics coordinators, etc.

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KeyROAD, the multi-service transport concierge to find a quick, reliable and economical repair solution.

An innovative service, which extends the “historic” spirit of networking and mutual assistance between hauliers throughout France, the Benelux, the Iberian Peninsula and its border countries.

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“Simplified management for the relocation of Euro pallets”

Our customers

Transports ARTHUR WELTER au Luxembourg

"We have been working with Palbank since August 2021. We are very happy to have found this partner for our Euro pallet management, it makes our work easier. We are very happy with their services, very pleasant people always present to help us. "

Laurent GASPAR - Key Account Coordinator France


"We decided to collaborate professionally with PFM in mid-2021. First of all, I would like to mention the professionalism of the sales person and the staff with whom I spoke (knowledge of the transport sector, knowledge of everyone’s needs, always very attentive and very good advice). The PFM-PALBANK network offers a wide variety of services, each haulier has its own specificities regarding the management of euro pallets and PFM has enabled us to find fast and efficient return solutions. The web portal is well designed, intuitive and easy to use "

Florence ROBEYRENC – Head of Packaging Department


"We have been working with PFM for 2 years now. Operators and charterers are delighted with the service. For the operators, this allows them to place the € pallets close to the unloading or reloading point and then better optimise and make the most of the floor space. The management of loads with € pallet exchanges in remote areas is provided by the Récupal service. And when an exchange cannot be made, the Restipal service allows for the quick return and release of invoices. The only regret: not using the PFM service sooner!"

Olivier BRIGNIER - Administrative Manager


"We use PALBANK services on a daily basis for many reasons, but mainly to avoid carrying empty packaging and to focus on our customer orders. I would especially like to thank the PFM team in Ingré, who are always ready to listen to our needs and help us reduce the cost of managing this returnable packaging."

Mélissa POTELLE - Packaging Management Department


"I use PFM SOLUTIONS’ DEPOSEPAL and REPRISEPAL services. The aim is to deposit Euro pallets with collectors in the south of France in order to be able to take them back from other collectors in the west and the north."



"The PFM service package offers me real responsiveness in the management of EUR materials. The RESTIPAL service allows me to intervene in the areas least frequented by my traffic with rates that allow me to save money compared to a return made by diverting one of my trucks."

Axel CHARTIER - Pallet Manager


"Thanks to a wide range of colleagues who also use PFM, this service allows us to drop off inconvenient Euro pallets when we have to arrive “empty” at the loading site. With this possibility, we no longer lose any Euro pallets, and stock management is greatly facilitated thanks to the systematically established deposit slips."

Florie VANDEMBULCKE - After Sales Service / Packaging

Transports BAUDOUIN à PRAHEC (79)

"Scheduling returns is not always easy, either operationally or geographically: making a diversion for 2 stacks of pallets is not profitable With PFM, returns management has become more flexible and faster. We have the assurance of not having any non-conforming or broken pallets in return. However, "Euro" pallets can get in the way of a reload."

Christophe CANTET - Packaging management

BTL Transports à AMIENS (80)

"We have been using the Palbank solution for 2 years now. This allows us to minimise the costs involved in managing returnable pallets (losses, settlement blockages) and to retrieve our media where we want it when we want it. In addition, we organise returns in geographical areas where we are rarely found. Our resources are optimised, we travel fewer kilometres and our debt is managed."

David BEAUGEOIST - Operations Manager


"We are very satisfied with the PFM system. Since we have been using it, our pallet cases have been cleared more quickly. This solution allows pallets to be deposited in the network and to have each movement tracked. The follow-up of cases is simplified. Our drivers no longer deposit pallets into “thin air”. In addition, we have just used the RESTIPAL system for the first time, allowing us to relocate pallets in a geographical area not served by our own trucks."

Adeline TAGLANG - Sales Assistant


"We are very satisfied with PFM-PALBANK. These services allow us to transport goods throughout France without having to carry Euro pallets in our trailers. The depots are well distributed throughout the country. One of the services, Compenspal, allows us to settle our haulier debts very easily and without transport. The functions are very well explained, quite simple to understand, and there is always someone in the office available. Since joining PALBANK services, we have simplified our pallet management and no longer refuse shipments including pallet returns. So yes, PFM is a great idea."

Philippe Scaramozzino - Manager


"I want to stress that we are totally delighted with the Palbank service, which has greatly facilitated the management of our regular hauliers' pallets, and which has enabled us to get through the summer season with peace of mind, as we have been able to call on hauliers who would not normally have been able to come and load at our premises because of the pallets. I don't hesitate to recommend your services to my providers who are not yet members!"

Cécile Goujon - Logistics Department


"A responsive team that listens and takes the time to respond to our needs. That seeks the satisfaction of its customers."

The OOF Cavaillon team

“An efficient and responsive team”

PFM Solutions, an innovative pallet management alternative told by the women and men who develop it on a daily basis.

Leroy Merlin, European leader in home improvement (2 million pallets/year) testifies to his use of the Palbank solution

“relocating pallets to the right place at the right time…”

The multi-service transport concierge

Discover a concrete example of a solution found using the KeyRoad application.

“A strong territorial network of service points and a solution full of common sense”

Discover the economic and ecological advantages of Palbank through the testimony of Transports Vingeanne

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